3A Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Driver

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The SGM41299C is a monolithic thermoelectric cooling (TEC) thermostat driver device with two-stage feedback amplifier. The device includes a differential driver (output) stage, an internal 2.5V output reference voltage and two zero-drift, rail-to-rail chopper amplifiers. The first chopper amplifier biases the sensed temperature signal and another is an error amplifier for compensating the closed loop temperature control. This amplifier can be used with a digital controller as well.

The TEC is driven differentially between a linear push-pull stage and a pulse-width modulation (PWM) switching stage. A linear push-pull stage forms one of the arms of the differential output which has a relatively high gain and saturates if the error signal is not close to zero (> 2.5%). This means that the TEC is effectively driven by the other arm. The other arm has a lower gain, and high frequency PWM switching driver that can drive the TEC with high efficiency. The PWM switching driver output is passed through an LC filter to remove large voltage ripple before reaching the TEC. It can sink or source current for both the heating and cooling modes connected to the TEC and stabilize its temperature at the set point.

The SGM41299C is available in a Green TQFN-6×6-36L package. It operates over the -40℃ to +125℃ junction temperature range.

  • High Efficiency Single Inductor Architecture

  • Single-Ended to Differential Driver with Low RDSON MOSFETs inside

  • TEC Voltage and Current Monitoring

  • No External Sense Resistor Required

  • Independent Heating and Cooling Current/Voltage Limits Programming

  • PWM Driver Switching Frequency: 2.0MHz (TYP)

  • Two Rail-to-Rail, Zero-Drift Chopper Amplifiers

  • Compatible with RTD or NTC Thermal Sensors

  • 2.5V Output Reference Voltage

  • Temperature Lock Indicator

  • Patent Pending

  • Available in a Green TQFN-6×6-36L Package


TEC Temperature Controls

Instruments Requiring TEC Temperature Controls

Optical Modules

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Optical Networking Systems

Ordering Information
Part Number
MSL RatingOperating Temperature RangeMaterial ContentReliability Report
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-40℃ to +125℃
1-24 units : $21/unit
25-99 units : $18/unit
100-249 units : $15/unit
250-499 units : $12/unit
500-999 units : $10.5/unit
1000-9999 units : $7.8/unit
3K-9K : 14 days
10K-99K : 35 days
100K-999K : 66 days
1000K and above : 84 days

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** The lead time provided is for reference purposes only and is subject to change based on different circumstances.

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