Synchronous Boost LED Flash Driver with 1.5A High-Side Current Source

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The SGM37863 is a single LED flash driver that is compact and highly customizable. The constant current LED source allows for flexible adjustment from 16mA up to 1.5A in flash mode, and from 4mA up to 388mA or from 3mA up to 204mA in torch mode, each with 128 levels. It employs a synchronous Boost converter with a fixed frequency of 2MHz or 4MHz to automatically adjust the output voltage to maintain at least minimum headroom voltage VHR across the current source, with VHR being the difference between VOUT and VLED. The utilization of an adaptive control method ensures that the current source is regulated and efficiency is maximized. 

The SGM37863 features include an I2 C interface for management, hardware flash enable pin (STROBE), and the options for 2MHz or 4MHz switching frequency, as well as 1.9A or 2.8A Boost current limit, making it possible to use small, low-profile inductors and ceramic capacitors. The protection functions include input voltage flash monitor (IVFM), over-voltage protection (OVP), LED and VOUT short protection, thermal scale-back (TSB) and thermal shutdown (TSD). The recommended operating temperature range is from -40℃ to +85℃.

  • Optional Working Mode and Programmable LED Currents
    Flash/IR Mode: 16mA to 1.5A with 128 Levels
    Torch Mode:
    4mA to 388mA with 128 Levels when I_TORCH_SEL = 0
    3mA to 204mA with 128 Levels when I_TORCH_SEL = 1
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • Flash Timeout Ranges: 40ms to 1600ms
  • Optional Switching Frequency: 2MHz or 4MHz
  • Optional Current Limit: 1.9A or 2.8A
  • I2C Port for Flexible Working Mode Setting and Status Reporting
  • Hardware Flash Enable (STROBE)
  • Optimized Flash LED Current with Input Voltage Flash Monitor (IVFM)
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • LED and VOUT Short Fault Protection
  • Thermal Scale-Back and Thermal Shutdown
  • Available in a Green WLCSP-0.8×1.5-8B Package

Smart Phones, Tablets
Portable Internet Devices and Accessory
Action Cameras
IR LED Driver

Ordering Information
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MSL RatingOperating Temperature RangeMaterial ContentReliability Report
Unit Resale Price*
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-40℃ to +85℃
1-24 units : $0.7/unit
25-99 units : $0.6/unit
100-249 units : $0.5/unit
250-499 units : $0.4/unit
500-999 units : $0.35/unit
1000-9999 units : $0.26/unit
3K-9K : 14 days
10K-99K : 28 days
100K-999K : 70 days
1000K and above : 112 days

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