Evaluation Kits

Our evaluation kits are designed to include user guides or test reports, ensuring you have all the necessary resources at your disposal. User guides provide comprehensive instructions on setup, operation, and troubleshooting, empowering you to harness the full potential of our products with confidence. Accompanying test reports offer invaluable insights into performance metrics and validation results across diverse conditions. Furthermore, select kits are supplemented with PCB layouts and schematics, enhancing compatibility and simplifying the design process. These robust evaluation kits provide you with the essential tools to innovate effectively and turn your visions into reality.

EVKIT Number
Evaluation kit for SGM41543.
Evaluation kit for SGM2538.
Evaluation kit for SGM38046.
Evaluation kit for SGM3852.
Evaluation kit for SGM2566C.
Evaluation kit for SGM41566.
Evaluation kit for SGM25661.
Evaluation kit for SGM851.
Evaluation kit for SGM829S.
Evaluation kit for SGM823, SGM824.
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