3.3V Buck/Boost Charge Pump DC/DC Converter
3.3V Buck/Boost Charge Pump DC/DC Converter

The SGM3111 is a Buck/Boost charge pump DC/DC converter that can deliver a fixed output voltage of 3.3V from an input supply voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V.

When the input voltage drops to 100mV lower than the output voltage, the chip will smoothly switch to Boost mode. In Boost mode, the SGM3111 is used as a constant frequency of 1.2MHz double charge pump. When the input voltage rises above the regulated output voltage, the chip enters a Buck mode, which can be used for low dropout linear regulators to step down.

The soft-start circuit of SGM3111 can limit the inrush current during startup. A current-limiting circuit and thermal shutdown allow the device to accept a sustained short-circuit of the output to ground. Low operating current (60μA, TYP) during no-load operation and ultra-low shutdown operating current (< 0.6μA) make the device more power efficient.

The application of SGM3111 only needs three ceramic capacitors with small package size. The SGM3111 is available in a Green TDFN-2×2-6FL package.



  • Input Supply Voltage Range: 1.8V to 5.5V

  • Fixed 3.3V Output

  • Up to 150mA Output Current

  • Mode Automatic Switching

  • 1.2MHz Switching Frequency in Boost Mode

  • Operation in Low Dropout Linear Regulator in Buck Mode

  • No-Load Quiescent Current: 60μA (TYP)

  • Less than 0.6μA Ultra-Low Shutdown Current

  • Soft-Start Circuit Limits Inrush Current

  • Input Disconnected from Load during Shutdown

  • Short-Circuit Protection

  • Thermal Shutdown

  • Available in a Green TDFN-2×2-6FL Package


2-3AA/Li-Ion to 3.3V

Low Power Device for I/O Supplies, Cameras, Audio, Misc. PC Cards, Logic, etc., in Different Kinds of Handheld Products

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM3111-3.3YTGL6G/TR Production TDFN-2×2-6FL 6 Y -40℃ to +85℃ Samples