Ultra-Low Power Voltage Detectors with Optional Watchdog
Ultra-Low Power Voltage Detectors with Optional Watchdog

The SGM814, SGM815 and SGM816 are a family of complete microprocessor supervisory devices which combine ultra-low power, supervisory circuits and timer circuits. System reliability is significantly improved by such integration compared to the designs using individual ICs or discrete components. These devices feature a wide supply voltage from 1V to 5V. Regardless of whether the detection voltage is high or low, the output can be forced low through the manual reset pin (nMR).

If the supply voltage (VDD) exceeds 0.5V during the power-on period, nRESET will assert low. And when VDD is under the default voltage threshold, the nRESET output keeps low. The VHYS design on VDD can avoid nRESET triggering by mistake.

The SGM814 and SGM815 both have an active-low open-drain reset output, and can monitor two different voltages, either PFI or SENSE trigger the threshold, the nRESET will assert. The SGM816 has an active-low push-pull reset output and a watchdog timer to monitor the process.

The devices are available in a Green SOT-23-6 package. They operate over a junction temperature range of -40 to +125.



  • High Accuracy Fixed Detection Options: 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.6V, 2V and 3.3V

  • High Trigger Accuracy: 1% (TYP)

  • Low Quiescent Current: 1.6μA (TYP)

  • Low nRESET Defined Input Voltage: 0.5V

  • Delay Time for the Power-on Reset Generator: 140ms

  • Reset Output Options: Push-Pull

  • Available in a Green SOT-23-6 Package


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Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM816-1.2XN6G/TR Production SOT-23-6 6 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples
SGM816-1.5XN6G/TR Production SOT-23-6 6 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples
SGM816-3.3XN6G/TR Production SOT-23-6 6 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples