SGM620 won “Product of the Year”

During "2019 Wrold Electronics Achievement Awards" selection, SGM620 won"Product of the Year". The event was held on the evening of November 7, 2019 in Shenzhen.The company was represented at the ceremony by the Chief Scientist, Dr. Ruoya Yao.


About SGM620

The SGM620 is a low power, low noise, rail-to-rail output instrumentation amplifier based on advanced high voltage BCD process and analog IC design technologies. It supports single or dual power supplies of 3.6V to 36V or ±1.8V to ±18V. The maximum input offset voltage (Vos) is less than 150μV, the typical value of temperature drift is 1μV/°C, the input voltage noise is 10nV/sqrt (Hz) @ 1kHz, and the maximum input bias current is only 1nA.

SGM620 is compatible with the major instrumentation amplifiers in the market, and has advantages in some key parameters such as offset voltage, temperature drift, noise density, etc., goes “beyond the classical”.

The SGM620 fills the gap in China's high-end precision instrumentation amplifiers.