2023 electronica China review

On July 13th, 2023 electronica China was successfully concluded at China National Convention and Exhibition Center. This time, we exhibited leading products in signal chain and power management, and provided solutions in automotive electronics and industrial fields.


Industrial Automation

As the development of the industrial field is gradually releasing its vitality, the market is showing great vitality and broad prospects. In the field of industrial automation, SGMICRO mainly exhibited:


4-channel/8-channel 500kSPS high-speed, high-voltage input 16-bit precision SAR ADC with software-programmable input range and built-in precision reference source for single 5V power supply, supporting bipolar ±10.24V, ±5.12V, ±2.56V and unipolar 0V to 10.24V, 0V to 5.12V signal input ranges.


Support SPI interface, 16-bit resolution, INL≤1LSB, build-up time 1.5μs, voltage output DAC.


DeIta-Sigma ADC supporting 2 differential input channels, 60kSPS data output rate, 24-bit resolution, programmable gain 128x.

Automotive Electronics

In 2021 and 2022, China's new energy vehicles have realized explosive growth, the industry has had a scale development effect, entered the popularization stage, and the market has begun to expand rapidly. This time in the field of automotive electronics, SGMICRO mainly exhibited:


Automotive high-side current sense amplifier with drain comparator and reference, supporting -24V to 105V common mode voltage.


Dual 5A, high speed, low side gate driver with negative input voltage capability.


5V, 7A/6A Low Side GaN and MOSFET Driver with 1ns Pulse Width.


Ultra-compact, low power, 16-bit internal reference ADC.


12-bit, 1MSPS, 16-channel, single-ended, serial interface ADC.


2-channel high-side driver with analog current sensor for 24V automotive applications.

Power Management & Battery Protection

SGMICRO' power management products are widely used in the market. The series of products include charging management ICs, battery protection ICs, power management systems (BMS) and power metering and other related products. Following the success of the single-cell Li-ion battery charge management series products in the cell phone market, SGMICRO has once again launched the SGM41570/3 lift-voltage structure charge controllers for multi-cell Li-ion battery devices such as notebook computers, floor sweeping robots, drones, and so on; in terms of battery protection, from the SGM41105 for TWS headsets, to the SGM41010 for smartphones, to the SGM41010 for smartphones, to the SGM41010 for smartphones, to the SGM41010 for smartphones, and so on. From SGM41105 for TWS headphones, to SGM41010 for smartphones, to SGM41002 for 1~4 cell batteries, SGMICRO will comprehensively cover the Li-ion battery protection market.

All of the above products are exhibited this time. SGMICRO will continue to release more products in the field of charge management and battery protection, please look forward to it.