50MHz, Rail-to-Rail Output CMOS Operational Amplifier
50MHz, Rail-to-Rail Output CMOS Operational Amplifier

The SGM8651/3 (single), SGM8652/5 (dual) and SGM8654 (quad) are high precision, low distortion and noise operational amplifiers with voltage feedback function. These devices can operate from 2.5V to 5.5V single supply. The SGM8651/2/3/4/5 feature a 2mV (TYP) input offset voltage and offer a low supply current of 2.3mA/amplifier.

The SGM8651/2/3/4/5 have excellent performance. They exhibit a gain-bandwidth product of 50MHz and a slew rate of 66V/μs.

The fast settling time and low distortion make the operational amplifiers appropriate for high speed ADC/DAC. The supply current of SGM8653/5 is 75μA in shutdown mode. The devices are suitable for use in portable instrumentation and battery-powered systems.

The SGM8651 is available in Green SOT-23-5 and SOIC-8 packages. The SGM8652 is available in Green SOIC-8 and MSOP-8 packages. The SGM8653 is available in Green SOT-23-6 and SOIC-8 packages. The SGM8654 is available in Green SOIC-14 and TSSOP-14 packages. The SGM8655 is available in a Green MSOP-10 package. They are specified over the extended -40 to +125 temperature range.



  • Input Offset Voltage: 2mV (TYP)

  • Low Input Voltage Noise: 8.7nV/√Hz

  • High Speed:

    Gain-Bandwidth Product: 50MHz

    High Slew Rate: 66V/μs

    Settling Time to 0.1% with 2V Step: 60ns

  • Overload Recovery Time: 25ns

  • Rail-to-Rail Output

  • Supply Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V

  • Input Common Mode Voltage Range: -0.2V to 3.8V with VS = 5V

  • Low Supply Current: 2.3mA/Amplifier (TYP)

  • -40 to +125 Operating Temperature Range

  • Available in Green MSOP-8 and SOIC-8 Packages




Data Acquisition

Process Control

Audio & Video Processing

Test Equipment

Cell Phone PA Control

Broadband Communication

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM8652XMS/TR Production MSOP-8 8 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples
SGM8652XS/TR Production SOIC-8 8 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples