4.5V to 15V, 6A Two-Phase Synchronous Step-Down Converter
4.5V to 15V, 6A Two-Phase Synchronous Step-Down Converter

The SGM62180 is a two-phase, synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with integrated power MOSFETs using two identical current balanced phases with peak current mode control. The SGM62180 is a perfect low profile solution for height restricted applications.

The step-down converter operates with phase delay to minimize the required input capacitance and reduce the EMI generation.

The SGM62180 features a wide 4.5V to 15V input voltage range and a very low quiescent current (30μA). Therefore, it is suitable for systems powered by multi-cell Li-Ion batteries, particularly for 12V applications. It can deliver 6A continuous current which is equally shared between the phases. Dividing current between two phases allows the use of thinner inductors required for low profile designs.

The efficiency is automatically maximized in the full duty cycle range by adjusting the switching frequency to the optimal value depending on VIN and VOUT voltages. The loss is also minimized at very light loads by the automatic activation of the power-save mode (PSM).

Other features include adjustable soft-start time, tracking, and power-good output signal. The SGM62180 can operate with 100% duty cycle for very low dropout. It is also capable to work at high step-down ratios without duty cycle limitation.

This device is available in a tiny 24-bump Green WLCSP package with 0.5mm pin pitch. It can operate in the -40 to +125 ambient temperature range.



  • Two-Phase with Phase Shift Operation

  • Peak Current Controlled Constant Off-Time Mode

  • Balanced Current Sharing (< 10% Mismatch)

  • Wide 4.5V to 15V Operating Input Voltage Range

  • 0.9V to 6V Adjustable Output Voltage Range

  • 6A Maximum Continuous Output Current

  • 30μA Low Quiescent Current

  • Power-Save Mode (PSM) Operation in Light Load

  • Adjustable Soft-Start

  • Voltage Tracking Capability

  • Monotonic Start with Pre-biased Output

  • Power-Good Output

  • Hiccup Mode Over-Current Protection

  • Over-Temperature Protection with Auto Recovery

  • -40 to +125 Operating Temperature Range

  • Available in a Green WLCSP-3.1×2.1-24B Package


Low Profile POL Supply

Narrow Voltage DC (NVDC) Powered Systems

Battery Powered Systems with Dual/Triple Li-Ion Cells

Ultra-Portable and Embedded Tablet PC

Computing Network Solutions

Micro Servers, SSD

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM62180XG/TR Production WLCSP-3.1×2.1-24B 24 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples