SGM37604A just won "Product of the Year" prize!

During the "2018 World Electronics Achievement Awards" selection, our product SGM37604A won "Product of the Year" prize. Dr. Yao Ruoya, Chief Scientist of SGMICRO, attended the ceremony.

About SGM37604A

  • SGM37604A is a high efficiency four-channel series backlight LED driver with 1:3300 dynamic brightness adjustment range. It is suitable for cellphones, tablet computers and other electronic devices with liquid crystal display below 12 inches;

  • The input voltage is up to 24V, and the efficiency can be up to 90%;

  • The12-bit I2C programmable 4096 steps dimming resolution with a minimum of 12.1μA to a maximum of 40mA per channel, makes the device meet the requirements of dark environment and outdoor high light ambient;

  • Hybrid PWM + I2C dimming for higher LED driver optical efficiency makes the device suitable for CABC applications;

  • It has less than 1% channel current matching degree and 3% current accuracy;

  • The current changes exponentially at quite low brightness, makes the brightness adjustment smoother;

  • Pulse current output at low brightness is supported to avoid LED color temperature drift;

  • Each channel can be opened or closed independently and supports phase shift output to reduce EMI;

  • It has complete protect functions such as short circuit, open circuit, over temperature and input over current protect.

About World Electronics Achievement Awards

World Electronics Achievement Awards is held by ASPENCORE, publisher of EETimes. It aims to select and commend semiconductor companies and technologies that makes outstanding contributions to global electronics industry innovation. All awards were selected by management and engineering personnels from all over the world and ASPENCORE senior editors.

During this selection, what we received was much more than an award. We saw the recognition from the market and our customers. We really appreciate that.

The only thing we can do in return is to continue to introduce more high performance analog IC products. Please keep focusing on SGMICRO!