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SGM6505 6-Bit, 1-of-2 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with 1.8V Logic Compatible Control Inputs


The SGM6505 is a 6-bit 1-of-2 Mux/Demux designed to operate from 2.0V to 5.0V. This device can handle both digital and analog signals, and signals up to VCC can be transmitted in either direction. The SGM6505 has two control pins, each controlling three 1-of-2 muxes at the same time, and an enable pin that is used to put all outputs in high-impedance mode. The control pins are compatible with 1.8V logic thresholds and are backward compatible with 2.5V and 3.3V logic thresholds as well.

The SGM6505 allows any SD, SDIO, and multimedia card host controllers to be expanded out to multiple cards or peripherals since the SDIO interface consists of 6-bits: CMD, CLK, and Data [0:3] signals. The SGM6505 has two control pins that give additional flexibility to the user. For example, the ability to mux two different audio-video signals in equipment such as an LCD television, an LCD monitor, or a notebook docking station.

The SGM6505 is available in Green TSSOP-24 and TQFN-4×4-24L packages. It operates over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +85.



• Single-Supply Range: 2.0V to 5.0V
• Low Capacitance Switches: 15pF (TYP)
• On-State Resistance: 8.5Ω (TYP) at 3V
• -3dB Bandwidth: 450MHz
• Low Crosstalk: -55dB at 10MHz
• High Off-Isolation: -57dB at 10MHz
• Isolation in Powerdown Mode, VCC = 0V
• 1.8V Logic Threshold Compatibility for Control Inputs
• Available in Green TSSOP-24 and TQFN-4×4-24L Packages
• Extended Industrial Temperature Range:
    -40 to +85


SD/SDIO and MMC Two Port MUX
PC VGA Video MUX/Video Systems
Audio and Video Signal Routing


Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM6505YTS24G/TR Production TSSOP-24 24 Y -40℃ to +85℃ Samples
SGM6505YTQF24G/TR Production TQFN-4×4-24L 24 Y -40℃ to +85℃ Samples

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