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SGM3784 Dual 1.1A Adjustable Flash LED Driver

SGMICRO has recently introduced SGM3784, a very compact, highly efficient, dual white LED flash driver for high resolution camera phones that improves picture and video quality in low light environments. The device integrates a programmable 1.6MHz or 3MHz synchronous inductive boost converter, an I2C-compatible interface, and two 1.1A current sources. The high switching frequency enables the use of a tiny, 1mm low profile, low cost, 1μH power inductor, and the parallel current sources permit LED cathode grounding for thermally enhanced, low EMI and compact layouts.

The LED driver maximizes efficiency over the entire battery voltage range to maximize the input-power-to-LED-power conversion and minimize battery current draw during flash events. A programmable DC battery current limit safely maximizes LED current for all LED forward voltage and battery voltage conditions.

SGM3784 is available in a small WLCSP-2x1.6-12B package with a temperature range rated from -40°C to +85°C.

Ordering Information:
For samples, please contact SGMICRO’s local offices or distributors, or log into and leave a message.

SGM3784 is in mass production and the typical lead time is 6-8 weeks.




Soft-Start Up

Output Current (mA)



2.7 ~ 5.0





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