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SGM3804 Single Inductor, Positive/Negative Dual Outputs, Buck/Boost Converter

SGMICRO has recently introduced SGM3804, a dual output buck/boost converter. The SGM3804 generates both positive and negative precise regulated voltage power sources, with a patent pending control scheme for single inductor dual outputs converter. Outputs are programmable in 100mV steps in 2.4V to 6.4V range, which are commonly used in drivers for LCD displays and AMOLED displays, as well as in any other circuits require both rails, load differently on each rail. The device is equipped with I2C interoperable interface. With input in range of 2.7V to 5.5V and switching frequency of 1.6MHz, the device is optimized for loading 100mA in boost-inverter mode or conditionally in buck-inverter mode.

SGM3804 is available in a small WLCSP-1.7x1.51-12B package and operates over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Ordering Information:

For samples, please contact SGMICRO’s local offices or distributors, or log into and leave a message.

SGM3804 is in massive production and the typical lead time is 6-8 weeks.




Soft-Start UP

Output Current (mA)



2.7 ~ 5.5





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